How to Approach a power Clearing (or Energy Healing) Session

We learned that “energy cannot be created or destroyed.” We also learned that it could change its form of expression. This can be a lesson we can call upon now and utilize it each day of our lives once we consider energy and healing. Intech Energy Needless to say, for the reason that science classroom, they talked to us about light and heat, etc. We are going to apply this principle in a way that transforms pain into joy, misery into ecstasy, and anger into love.

Recycling Energy

If you’ve ever endured a garden, you might have found that the energy of the previous year’s waste could be turned into the next year’s nourishment through a approach to composting. And recycling generally has become a major section of our culture and children word.

As you ponder these methods of taking items that are old and unwanted, and putting them by way of a process of transformation to bring forward something helpful, useful, and advantageous, you begin to see into the power of the energy clearing session. This is exactly what those who are called “energy healers” facilitate.

THE WORTHINESS Hidden Within Pain

Every pain, misfortune, or mode of suffering, represents a field of conflicted energy. When that field is harmonized, when it’s restored to its original state of clear energy, the power locked within the conflict is released and becomes available. That energy can then nourish the soul and move you forward toward the desires of one’s heart. You might experience this as a sense of lightness, happiness, inspiration, or a burst of creativity. They are the markings of a spiritual healing.

DAYS GONE BY Lives Within the Now

Energy patterns can trace immeasurably back in its history. You can see them running right through distant events of one’s personal history, woven though your ancestral lines, and echoed in the remnants of past lives. Whether or not you believe you have had past incarnations matters little since it is your current vibration that is being cleared. You may hear this described differently in the context of different energy healing techniques, and that is why it is beneficial to understand that days gone by lives within the now. And this is where it should be harmonized in order to free your now and roll out the red carpet for your future (which also lives in your now).

Pains Gone, Relationships Restored, Happiness Flowing

Whatever the reason you seek energy clearing, whether it’s a body issue, a financial worry, a painful relationship, or anything else, it is best to arrived at the session with a willingness to forget about your problem also to allow it be transformed into something wonderful. With this particular spirit of openness, and an honoring of your essence, the energy clearing session can amaze you with the power of its results.

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